Poverty Walk

"The Parish of Misery"

Poverty is of all times and places.

This walk takes you to places in Antwerp where the poor, the sick and those in need were taken care of.

Surely, there are more enjoyable things to do, no?  Yet, you would be surprised at how interesting this topic can be.  

Beggars on the streets and shelters for the homeless are present day concepts, but dating back ages ago! Did you know that in the 16th century the rich citizens of Antwerp founded the first institution to help the poor.  Not out of concern to protect them, as one would think, but really to protect their own properties.

Also a shelter for the homeless and the sick already existed in the Middle Ages, but at certain conditions...

We walk along the places in Antwerp that have been connected to poverty through the ages and where we can still find the links to that past.  A more than interesting journey!

Start: Main entrance of the Cathedral (Handschoenmarkt)
Duration:  1,5 hours

Price: € 95,00  for the guide, groups of maximum 25 people.

Would you like to have more info?  Book a walk?  Please fill in the form at the left or call Gerd at + 32 (0)486 99 10 49.